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Jason Garbush


Message from the founder

We Will Make Your Place Spotless

In 1999 I was given a medical ELS from the USMC, when I got home I began working for a family friend who owned a janitorial business. My first jobsite was the Outback Steakhouse where I learned how to use a propane buffer.
A few years later I would end up working for a 5 star large janitorial company called PHC. While working for this company I learned everything I could about cleaning, which is where I was inspired to start Osiris Cleaning years later. What inspired me the most was that PHC hired disabled people only, which is what I model Osiris Cleaning after.

Since 2015 I have modeled Osiris Cleaning after the positive experiences I had as a Janitor myself working at PHC. Currently 100% of my staff has a disability.

Since 2015 We have also pride ourselves as being a Green Cleaning company because we recognize as humans we all a responsibility to the environment. I have learned over the years that many people have allergies to cleaning chemicals which reinforces our chemical policy of no harsh chemicals.

Paul Prall

Jr. Partner

Message from the Jr. Partner

We Will Make Your Place Spotless

I started out as an employee in 2018 for Osiris Cleaning. Over time I was able to prove myself, so I was offered a partnership in 2019. This is an opportunity I never though I would have.

It is my goal on every job site to ensure that all clients are happy. My favorite part is the final walk through inspection because it shows me where I need to improve. Over the last 2 years I have learned more about cleaning than I ever thought possible.

Angel Prall

Paul's Wife

Message from Paul's WIfe

We Will Make Your Place Spotless

I lost my job due to the pandemic, great thing my husband owns the company I work for. I'm an aspiring photographer, so you might see me taking the before and after pictures for our company portfolio.

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