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Your Coronavirus Cleaning Company!

With the recent uptick in coronavirus cases, what are you doing to protect your business and your customers? WE CAN HELP!

A lot of businesses have taken the opportunity to perform their own coronavirus cleaning in house, however is this the right corner to cut? Why not have a professional cleaning service such as Osiris Cleaning take care of your coronavirus cleaning needs? Our specialty is disinfecting and coronavirus is no different, let our quality work give you the peace of mind your employees can’t. Give us a call at (214) 973-9478 to schedule a free estimate. We work weekends and after hours by appointment only. We service all cities from Dallas to Fort Worth.

Meet Kevin gives an update on coronavirus and stimulus

What Companies Can I Trust With My Coronavirus Disinfection Services?

There are a lot of hoaxers out there offering covid-19 cleaning services who have no business offering this service, so how do you avoid them?

As a member of multiple business networking group, one of the things that concerned me most at the start of the pandemic was that everyone was offering Covid-19 cleaning services. I saw HR professionals to pest control guys offering coronavirus cleaning services.

So, who is qualified to do your coronavirus disinfection services? Companies that perform traditional disinfection services, cleaning services, or disaster hazmat clean up. There are a lot of companies that fit this criteria, this isn’t the only thing that should be considered though.

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Vital Oxide, an Eco-Friendly Alternative

What Is The Process?

Regardless of your politics, coronavirus disinfection services is a scientific process. There is plenty of literature put out by local and federal governments to guide any company through covid-19 cleaning services. The only question you should really be asking yourself is whether or not to do it yourself. We service all areas from Dallas to Fort Worth.

All Coronavirus Disinfection Services should include the following:

  • All surfaces, common touch areas, and heavy touch areas disinfected prior to ionizing or fogging.
  • Deep cleaning of all restrooms including walls and appliances.
  • Deep cleaning of breakroom(s)
  • Ionizing or fogging of all surfaces and walls with CDC approved chemicals.
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Coronavirus Fogger

Are there additional services I can add?

  • Do you need distance stickers?
  • Do you want fogging or ionizing to be done on a recurring schedule?
  • Do you want or need dividers?
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Coronavirus Disinfection Services

What does it cost?

Coronavirus disinfection services can be expensive if you’re not doing your due diligence. Before you start calling around you should take a moment to look at what your budget is. Each company has its own pricing structure based upon their interpretation of CDC requirements. You could pay as much as $1.00 per square foot on the high end or as low as $0.10 per square foot on the low end.

When it comes to pricing, you cannot use the traditional methodology of “Price equals quality”. It is more important that you determine the company you choose for your covid-19 cleaning services based upon process and competency instead of price.

We offer affordable coronavirus disinfection services. Our mission during this pandemic is to bring affordable fogging and covid-19 cleaning services to businesses that are being priced out of the market. We believe that a business shouldn’t have to choose between the cost of coronavirus cleaning or closing their doors.

It is the nature of business to be responsible, however there are certain market variables that force businesses to cut corners or just go without. We want to help you keep your doors open while making sure your customer and employees are protected at an affordable price.

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